Final Thoughts

For my last post, I thought I would take the time to reflect on my course, LIS 503: Social Media for Information Professionals.

First, I hope you enjoyed reading my blog posts! I thought that the blog was a great way to reflect upon the reading and course materials of the social media learned in the units.

While I have familiarity with social media as I use it regularly as user, I thought the class would offer insight of using social media, but most importantly, using it as a as information professional in a library or information organization setting. I thought it was important to know how to improve marketing and strengthening a library’s social media presence.

Through the course, I learned about social identity, social publishing such as blogs, the participation and construction of Wikipedia, authenticity of posts, social games, social commerce, augmented and virtual worlds and games, and social media analysis and measurements.

I thought the unit on social media analysis and measurements was interesting because I wasn’t really familiar with using these kinds of tools to monitor a social media presence. These help measure a social media’s likes, posts, and activity–these tools can help  improve a businesses or organization’ social media by seeing what’s working and what’s not. It’s good to know what tools are available out there to analyze and measure social media because it would helpful and useful for future use.

I thought it was a valuable class as I think social media is a big part of marketing and promoting library services. I think with technology evolving and advancing, social media is here to stay.



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