Social Media Analytics

With using social media, it’s hard to know if you are using it right or to keep track of what content you are posting is resonating with your audience and/or followers and users.

For businesses and organizations, there are social media analytic tools that measure the data and stats of the social media presence. These tools can help a business or organization to improve their social media presence and compare and contrast of how they are using their social media versus other competitive businesses’ and organizations. With these emerging tools, the question is, though, if the data being monitored is correctly accurate and reliable.

One social media analytic tool is Facebook Insights. Insights is only available for PAGE administrators and shows you full stats behind your posts, your fans, and your reach.  Insights also gives you information on other competitive Facebook pages. Instagram offers a social media analytics tool for businesses’ profiles only, called Instagram Insights.  Like with Facebook Insights, this analytic tool offers stats on posts, stories,  and your profile. It also offers information about your followers, like when they are active the most.  Another example is Twitter, which offers a 28-day overview of reviewing your stats on retweets, mentions, favorites, clicks and impressions of your tweets.

These social media analytics tool can helpful by giving you insight of posts and content your followers like and/or engage with the most. It also shows what content is not being reciprocated by your users. Again, the negative aspect of using social media tools is the accuracy of the data, but the outcome of using these tools could better shape the presence of a businesses’ social media presence and usage.


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