Goodreads: A Social Commerce Site?

Goodreads is a social cataloging site where individuals can share information about books–based off of recommendations, reviews and ratings–and keep track of organizing books by creating “shelves.”

Individuals can create shelves of books based off of books to-read, currently-reading, and read. Users can also create their own shelves like making shelves by genre (mystery, fiction, young adult) year (books in read in 2016) and author (james patterson) This is a way to keep track or archive an individual’s preferences of books. This aspect of the site is part of social cataloging, but there are other features that make it a social commerce site.

Users can also rate a book of 1 to 5 stars. They can also write reviews of books an there’s a feature that users can recommend books to other users. Reviews can guide users if a particular book will be something they will like or not. A user can decide if they want to buy it or maybe even check it out of the library.  Features like this can also increase circulation of books based off of high ratings and reputation. Like other social commerce, sites, ratings and reviews can determine one’s purchasing goal or desire, a result of reading’s one experience with or about the product. In essence, Goodreads does share information about a product, but the products are solely about books.

Goodreads also offers communities and forums by discussion boards, Q&As, groups, and book clubs. Book clubs are a great way to engage with other readers in a virtual environment. Book clubs are created by users and they pick a book to read by the end of the given deadline. Users then discuss the book via discussion boards. This feature can also be implemented in libraries, too.

Goodreads can be served as BOTH a social cataloging and social commerce site to users because users share information to other users, discovering new products, and organizing products virtually.


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