Uses for Social Media Other Than Marketing

For this blog post, I want to address the question: “What can information professionals do with social publishing tools other than marketing?”

Social publishing tools, such as blogs and Twitter, are great to market a businesses’ brand, services, products and content.

For information professionals, social media is ideal for marketing their organization. Such as librarians marketing their library’s services, materials, events and programs. Could libraries use these social media publishing tools for personal use? For example, librarians can create blogs and have different staff members post something that is thoughtful, creative or personable. A staff member can comment or post about a book they recently enjoyed, or a book that they disliked. Other topics could include music, movies and TV shows, or respond to news related to literature or other information organizations.

On Twitter, information professionals can share or retweet news from major information organizations like New York Public Library, Library of Congress or the Smithsonian. Librarians can share tweets of exciting news, promotions or facts. For example, Library of Congress usually tweets “Today in History. Librarians can retweet this to their followers for them to see.

Information professionals can also use social publishing tools for education means. Librarians can post facts and interesting tidbits. But importantly, information professionals can offer how-to’s and instruction guides on how how to use a library catalog or database, or how to search for an article. Librarians can post tutorials for students of how to write a paper, how to use citations or how to read an academic paper. For adults, librarians can post tutorials on how to use devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Androids.

With social media, to reach your audience, sometimes you have to think outside the box!


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