Improving Marketing Practices on Social Media for Information Professionals

One of the questions that was offered in class was: “How can library and information professionals improve on their existing marketing practices through social publishing tools?”

This question reminded me of a webinar I attended conducted by librarian Sophie Brookover about tips and improving social media for libraries.

To make it easier to market your platforms, I remember a constant theme was tidying up your accounts. Which means if a platform is not working for your library, ditch it. Then focus on those social media platforms that are benefiting your library. Then here comes the tidying up: social media is all about presence. The social media profile and look should be appealing. Use pictures that–profile picture, background cover, etc–fit and represent your library. Something that is fun, catchy–maybe a logo–that can be used and is appropriate. Make a short, simple and to-the-point biography. On social media followers, condense who you’re following and be follow the right people/organizations. This can help also to create content by sharing/retweeting content that these followers posted that the library might share on their own platform.

I think I touched about content and hashtags in previous posts, so I’m going to direct to other things. But first, something real quick about content: make it fun, creative, colorful, etc. Depending on the library, personable and fun posts can make patrons feel like they are part of the library community (they can relate and connect to).

Sharing is caring! To market your platforms, try sharing and connecting your platforms together. For example, you can connect Instagram with your Twitter and Facebook accounts. Whatever you post on Instagram, that Instagram post will be seen on your Twitter and Facebook accounts, also. This will be marketable to more groups of people. So if a follower doesn’t have an Instagram account, let’s say, they can still see this post on their Twitter account that they have.

Another thing about marketing is, consider what kind of “voice” you want to use. This is very crucial for using Twitter. Warm it up. Think accordingly. How do you want to come across to your followers? Of course you want to walk the line of being professional, but lean towards personable, as well. Think about it and maybe play around with it. But once you found your voice, be consistent!

From the webinar, I learned about Boosts, which is a feature on Facebook. I believe it is not a free thing, but Boosting your posts helps market and make your posts more visible. What it does is that it “boosts” your post to the top of a user’s page, so it’s one of the first posts they see on their News Feed. It can be helpful to market your content on Facebook.

Since social media platforms are always coming up with new features, marketing strategies are always changing, as well. One thing about social media is you have to keep up with it. Marketing practices continue to be developed. The best thing I think we can improve marketing practices is trial and error: to see what works and what doesn’t to help the library’s social media presence.


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