Insta Ideas For Libraries (Part 2)

This is more of a continuous and expanded post that I recently wrote briefly about using Instagram for libraries. But, I stumbled upon this article from the YALSA blog through the ALA newsletter and it mentions wonderful ideas to incorporate and use Instagram for libraries.

These ideas struck me because they were very creative and different. I think what’s hard about creating content on social media is the planning and implementing: to be original and stand out from everybody else. It’s very helpful, though, to see ideas like this because it’s a starting point; you can turn it and use these ideas to make it your own!

What I thought I would do is list the some ideas from the article, then come up with ideas of how I can use them for the library that I work at:

  1. Shelfies–This idea is basically like a selfie (taking a picture of yourself), but you take a picture of you and a book.
    1. I can incorporate this idea into my library by asking patrons to take a picture of themselves with books they recently checked out or returned. Or better yet, take pictures of patrons who checked out NEW books, to promote that section and keep it circulated!
  2. #BookDropLife-Take a picture of a stack of books recently turned in the library.
    1. I can incorporate this idea by taking pictures of books from our inside and outside returned box! This can generate circulation and interest from all kinds of materials from the library. I can switch it up and take pictures of not only books, but also maybe a pile of DVDs and mix books with audio books, too! I can also use this idea to take pictures of stacked books of popular series.
  3. Mini-Virtual Tours-Take a video of tours around your library
    1. With this idea, I can get very creative with this. What’s great about this idea is that it gives patrons a “behind-the-scenes” look at the library. I can take videos of the library building, its features (show patrons different sections like adult, children’s, teen, show databases, etc) Or maybe show patrons like how a book is being processed or scanned.
  4.  New Book Reveal-Take a picture or video of opening up new library books coming in.
    1. This is a fun and exciting way to let patrons know what’s new and available at the library. I can take videos or photos of opening the boxes of our new items–I will expand it to not only books, but also to DVDs and audio books!

I would recommend reading the article and seeing what YOU can do to incorporate Instagram into your library? Do any of these ideas interest you? Do you think they can stick and attract users?


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