Instagram For Libraries

Today, I was in a meeting with my fellow co-workers, and one of the things we talked about was making our social media presence stronger. One thing we touched upon was using Instagram. As our library does have an Instagram account, we kind of have abandoned it and have not used it in a while. We talked about how we can use Instagram for our library and this is what we came up with:

  • Taking photos of programs (adult and children’s) and events
  • Taking photos of news of the library (new equipment, changes, etc)
  • Taking photos of new materials (books, DVDs, etc)

Like with any social media account, Instagram has to be kept consistent and used daily or so. We talked about how when one of us is on the desk during a program, we each take pictures of that program or event. And of course, making pictures appealing and “pretty” to attract users, we talked about getting comfortable with taking pictures and getting good shots. This is the extent of what we talked about today with Instagram, but with our next meeting, we will discuss more. It’s exciting to know that we are on track again for using this social media platform and that we hope our users will become aware or gravitate towards it.

Does your library use Instagram? If so, is it effective? What users are attracted to it? What do you use Instagram for in your library?


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