(on social media sites such as Twitter) a word or phrase preceded by a hash or pound sign (#) and used to identify messages on a specific topic

#selfie #tbt #fbf #love #food #happy #fail #lol #cute #me #fashion #ff #followme #cute #fun #life #friends

These are some examples of the top hashtags you might see on social media sites, like Twitter and Instagram. Hashtags are usually used at the end of a post. They are related to a specific topic, subject, or category of what is being written or described in the post. When users click on the hashtag (or hashtagged word), they are directed to ALL posts that are similar or posts that have included that hashtag. These posts most likely can contain the same subject or category.

An example could be someone posting on Instagram a picture of their Thanksgiving meal. At the end of their caption, they could hashtag #food, #Thanksgiving,  #family. As you can see, those hashtags are related to the post and to the picture. If that user posted on Thanksgiving day and clicked on #Thanksgiving, they can be led to similar Thanksgiving pictures posted, too.

Hashtags can be useful to find or follow other bloggers or users, especially those who have the same interests. Hashtags are also useful to gain followers and to make one’s profile or blog more popular. It’s helpful to use hashtags that are ‘trending,’ which means what’s current .

For example, some popular hashtags and their meanings:

  1. #tbtThrowback Thursday (on Instagram or Twitter, users post something that was in the past)
  2. #ffFollow Friday (users post names of other users or bloggers to follow or check out)
  3. #fbfFlashback Friday (has the same meaning of #tbt, except you post it on Friday!)

Below, is a funny clip of Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake using hashtags in a conversation, instead on social media. It’s a great and also hilarious example of how hashtags are used!



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